Prison Officer - Hopkins Correctional Centre/Langi Kal Kal Prison | Western - Ararat

Prison Officer - Hopkins Correctional Centre/Langi Kal Kal Prison

Application Close Date: 25-Mar-2018
Western - Ararat
Prison Officers
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Ongoing - full time
$52,713 - $67,692
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Prison Officer vacancies – Hopkins Correctional Centre and Langi Kal Kal Prison 

  • Ongoing full-time and casual positions available
  • No qualifications required, extensive training provided
  • Generous penalty rates in addition to salary

Are you looking for a career change that will make a positive impact on your community? Consider becoming a prison officer for Corrections Victoria.

We are currently recruiting a new squad to be placed in Hopkins Correctional Centre and Langi Kal Kal prison in the Grampians region. 

It's important work

To thrive in the job, you will need energyempathy and resilience. We're not concerned about which gender you identify as, or if you've been a tradie, an accountant, a teacher or a retail assistant. We want prison officers with life experience – people who can find common ground with anyone.

Additionally, we look for candidates who possess strong capabilities in the following areas:

  • Verbal communication
  • Empathy and cultural awareness
  • Professionalism, integrity and maturity
  • Conflict management and problem-solving
  • Influence and negotiation
  • Self-confidence     
  • Initiative and accountability


We invite you to attend one of our information sessions in person. Here, you'll get the chance to ask current prison officers any questions you have about the role. The Department of Justice and Regulation recruitment team will also be present to answer your queries about the application process. It's not compulsory to attend if you want to apply, but they're certainly informative.

Tuesday, 13 March in Ballarat at 6:00 p.m.

To register please click here

Monday, 19 February in Ararat at 6:00 p.m.

To register please click here


Ask any prison officer about their average work day and they'll probably say there isn't one. ‘No two days are the same' is an old adage among our officers, and it's true – the environment and your job can change in an instant. There are some general duties and responsibilities, though, including:

  • Providing a safe and secure environment for prisoners, your teammates and visitors.
  • Being sensitive to the needs of people from a diverse array of cultural backgrounds
  • Assisting in achieving a prisoner's personal and professional goals.
  • Conducting regular patrols, searches and security-related activities aligned with our policies and procedures.
  • Building relationships with your teammates and other stakeholders, contributing towards a positive and enjoyable working environment.
  • Being a key contributor to making a positive influence on the prisoners you work with, giving them the best chance of a successful reintegration into society upon release.


◉ Both Hopkins Correctional Centre and Langi Kal Kal Prison are ‘protection prisons'. This means they accommodate offenders who, for their own safety, cannot be placed with the general prison population.

◉ Hopkins is a walled, medium security prison, with a similar design to a modern university campus.

◉ Langi Kal Kal is an open camp, minimum security prison, which many offenders pass through in the latter stages of their prison sentence to assist with their transition back into the community.

◉ A large percentage of prisoners at both Langi Kal Kal and Hopkins have committed sexual offences.

◉ Hopkins houses more prisoners prone to unpredictable behaviour than Langi Kal Kal. However, both prisons typically offer a markedly slower pace of work than maximum security facilities.

◉ Our prison officers have a significant load of admin work. They also act as case managers for prisoners, working with them regularly to improve their work and education prospects.

◉ Hopkins Correctional Centre is situated close to Ararat, while Langi Kal Kal is around a 40-minute drive from Ballarat, near Beaufort.

◉ There are prison officer vacancies across both facilities, you will be able to select your preference later in the application process. Casual prison officers will have the opportunity to work across both locations.


  • Eight weeks of paid full-time training – before commencing your first shift you will learn case management strategies, operational procedures, self-defence techniques and much more. By the end of the program, you will feel confident and well equipped to begin your new job.
  • Access to further education and ongoing training opportunities, including enrolment in Certificate III in Correctional Practice (Custodial). Once your certification is completed, you will likely be rewarded with a salary increase.
  • Penalty rates paid on night shifts and weekends, and yearly performance-based salary increases.
  • Personalised professional development plans to guide you through career progression both within Corrections Victoria and the Department of Justice and Regulation. There are also opportunities to take temporary contracts within the Department and other government agencies. 


In order to be eligible for appointment to roles within Corrections Victoria, which are prisons-based or offender-facing, you must be of good character and reputation. Consequently, you will be the subject of a number of pre-employment security checks.

These security checks will include:

National Criminal Record Check (and fingerprints check)

Pre-employment security check

VicRoads license check (or interstate or overseas, if applicable)

Victoria Police Check

To ensure all prison officers are capable of undertaking the physical requirements of the role, without injury to themselves or others, it is a requirement to pass a pre-service medical and physical capability assessment prior to employment. This occurs at the end of the recruitment process.

Please refer to the attached documents to learn about the benchmarks and how to prepare for the health assessment.

Applications close at midnight, on Sunday 25 March. Candidates will be regularly reviewed up until the closing date, so please apply right away.

At the Department of Justice and Regulation, we have a firm commitment to increase participation of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people across our workforce. If you identify, we encourage you to contact our Koori Employment Team on 03 8684 1751.

Our goal is for our workforce to reflect the diverse community we serve. We employ people of any gender, age, religion, cultural background and sexual orientation. We also seek to accommodate staff members with disabilities.

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